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The death of a significant person in our life is the most life changing and challenging of experiences we can have as a human being. 

It can bring about emotions, feelings and thoughts we have never had and therefore we can be left feeling that we are ill equipped to deal with this, and that if we allow ourselves to fully experience this it will surely destroy us. Little by little over time however we do, though sometimes having a professional counsellor to support us and listen to us during this time can help with the difficult emotions, feelings and thoughts. No one should feel alone at such a difficult time. 

Traumatic Bereavement

The loss of a loved one under traumatic circumstances can bring added complications and complexities to our grieving process. There can be post traumatic stress response to the loss. Sadly many people who experience a traumatic bereavement will also experience feelings of heightened anxiety and panic, insomnia, flashbacks, physical symptoms such as IBS, fatigue, shaking and sweating and socially may find themselves isolating or pairing back on social situations, losing connections with others and the outside world. If you feel you have experienced any of the above, I am here to help and support you. Over the past 5 years I have engaged in additional training in understanding trauma and in particular traumatic bereavement. 

Bereavement during the Pandemic

Experiencing a bereavement during the Pandemic added complications to the grieving process. It may be that you had experienced not being able to see your loved one before their death. It may also be that you were unable to say goodbye. Feelings of anger and regret may be very prominent for you in your grief experience, and questions of how you cope with these feelings may be on your mind.

Bereavement as a result of Covid-19 Coronavirus

A bereavement as the result of a diagnosis of Covid-19, brings about a whole new level of grief that few may be able to identify with. This may leave you feeling even more isolated in your grief. Again as mentioned above it is likely that you were not able to see or even speak to your loved one before they died. The death could also be shocking and unexpected, leaving you little time to prepare for the worst. It is likely that you were also unable to attend a funeral, or even arrange a funeral fitting for the person that died.

Please know you do not need to be alone during this time, there will be others who sadly have a similar experience to you. 

If you would like more information please call 07813589669 or email

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